What is RankBrain and how does it affect SEO

Simply put, RankBrain refers to an AI (artificial intelligence) program that is used to assist process Google search queries. It utilizes AI to embed huge numbers of written language right into mathematic entities by the name vectors that computers are able to understand. If this tool sees a phrase or word that it is not familiar with, the machine makes a guess as to the phrases or words that may have the same meaning and proceeds to filter the results accordingly. This way, RankBrain makes it highly possible and effective to handle a never-before-seen search query.

How does it affect SEO

The maiden step when it comes to developing an effective SEO campaign entails defining keywords. When doing so, you look at relevant keywords to your enterprise that clients search for. This is always the solid foundation for a successful SEO campaign.

When targeting keywords that clients aren’t searching for, then your SEO campaign is totally doomed right from the beginning. RankBrain affects the foundation part of the SEO process the most. Prior to RankBrain the software engineers are Google would create an algorithm which would determine search rankings. The algorithm would be constant till an update or updates were made.

Nonetheless, with RankBrain, things changed for the best. With it, RankBrain is constantly changing and now learning. Consequently, your SEO campaign will have to be more adaptable and nimble to the changes within the landscape of search engine rankings.

So what is next with RankBrain from Google?

There is no doubt that if you want to learn more from this tool from Google, you must not only be willing but also able to learn what ‘vectors’ are all about. You must be able to learn the way phrases and words are connected mathematically. It is only after learning these things that you will be able to clearly understand everything that entails RankBrain.

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