What is php credit card?

PHP Credit Card consists of two parts.

1. A front end php script and form that accepts the orders with the credit card information.

2. A windows application where the credit card values are retrieved.

PHP Credit Card can be integrated into your existing form, or use the ordering form included.

php credit card

PHP Credit Card is a PHP script designed to make it easy to accept credit cards and retrieve them securely for offline processing. PHP Credit Card is unique and there are no other scripts that allow you to securely accept credit cards on your website.

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PHP Credit Card is for people who want to accept credit cards through their website, but process them offline using a merchant terminal or some other offline method.

PHP Credit Card is the ONLY script available that fulfills this function. Many hours of security research and coding have gone into PHP Credit Card so that that you don’t have to pay a coder $2000 to make a custom solution!